Academy Council members

Rachel Fleetwood- Chair of the Academy Council

Kate Richardson – Executive Principal

Vicky Counsell – Academy Principal

Melissa Nash – Sponsor Councillor

I became an Academy Councillor in 2019 because I want to support my community and apply the skills I’ve built up through my career in a different context.

I work at the University of Bristol in Change Management – making sense of what big, strategic changes will mean for them, supporting them through the change and making sense of what they’ll need to do differently.    

Mike Small – Sponsor Councillor

I have been involved in education for many years, previously working in alternative education provision.  I have a passion for ensuring young people get the opportunity to develop the skills they need to succeed.

Mara Sankey – Sponsor Councillor

I am a Project Lead at the Department for Education. Prior to this role I worked in the Higher Education sector both teaching and in administration and I am keen to use my skills and knowledge from these previous roles to help local schools in Bristol. I am a firm believer in the difference education can make to the lives of children and young people and I am keen to be a part of helping improve and maintain the quality of schools in the area both through my current job and through volunteering as a governor.

Samira Oukacha – Parent Councillor

Julie Vincent – Pupil Academy Council Representative

Ben Lacey

I have been a teacher is various roles for over 10 years, in private, comprehensive and independent schools. I have a passion for teaching and learning and have a wide range of experience and knowledge that I believe I could contribute. I believe strongly in a sense of service and in helping to improve your community in whatever way you can. I am keen to dedicate more of my time to supporting local schools to be the best they can be and in their pursuit to help young people fulfil their potential.